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A Piece of Tuesday, 3 August 2010…

Posted on: Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Command Center

Here I am, sitting on the couch, with two phones next to me and a laptop on my lap. I’ve used all three for communication purposes today. When Hubby S sees me hunkered down in a chair or on the couch, surrounded by this much technology, he calls it my “Command Center.” (I’m not sure what all I’m commanding, exactly, but that’s a question for another day and another photograph.)

I’ve been researching changing our cell phone carrier. Dropped calls are the norm when we try to use our cells here at the house, and – call me crazy – but it seems like I should be able to sit in my living room and use my cell instead of the landline if I so choose. Hubby S works all over town, and sometimes out of town, and he’s noticing poor service in more and more places. Inconsistency is a huge problem – to the point that when I called our current carrier, I used the landline because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to complete the call with him if I used my cell. And when he asked why I’m changing, I told him just that!

OK – I’ll be honest. My next cell phone is going to have some bells and whistles. I will text and IM and Facebook (and blog?) on the thing. I will possibly continue to get emails on my phone, though I’m still pondering that one. (I remember the days when I had to be at a computer to see my email, and that wasn’t all bad.)

I am old enough to remember the days when spouses and friends spent entire days without talking to each other on the phone hardly at all. The Spouses of Yore had to make decisions on their own (“What kind of pasta sauce should I buy?”) and trust themselves enough to make the right decision, or, at least, the decision which made the most sense at the time. The Friends of Yore had to hold on to all those little bits of each day and wait to get to a corded phone (or later, cordless – but not really – phone) to unload the dirt. (I also remember sometimes actually walking or driving to my friends’ houses to talk with them in person).

Now, if we have a thought, we call. Or we text. Or we IM. There is less waiting, it seems. There is less pondering over the details before sharing them with someone else. We have begun to take away our ability to think for ourselves and make decisions on our own because we’re all so damn accessible to one another.

Another memory: when I was a child, I waited for letters from my grandmother, and her letters (and their envelopes) were works of art. She would decorate them, always writing in a red, felt-tipped pen, drawing all sorts of caricatures and fancy writing. (This was before you could change fonts or insert clip art so easily!) There was something amazing about those letters to me. They showed such love and purpose.

And so, along with the Command Center today, I also have begun two hand-written notes of condolence to some family members who just lost a loved one. I don’t think I’ll decorate the outside of the envelopes, but I might just find a couple of nice stickers to put on the outside, just…because.

Peace be upon your day…



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