A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Sunday, 1 August 2010

Posted on: Sunday, 1 August 2010

The morning sunbeam

I love the light which comes into our bedroom each morning. Our schnauzer, Max, does too. I caught Max dozing in the morning sunbeam this morning while I was rushing around, getting ready for church.

“A-ha!” I thought. “It’s today’s picture!”

And so it was that the second-day-mindfulness of writing a daily blog kicked in. Hooray!

I don’t really classify myself as a Morning Person, however, there are things about morning which I really do enjoy. Our morning light, for instance, is quite a wonderful thing. It seems unique – it is light which seems hopeful and peaceful to me. It is the type of light which says, “Good morning!” but not in an obnoxious, OMG-give-me-coffee-now way. Rather, it filters in through the tree branches and window blinds to greet us, and it invites us to sit and stay a bit.

Some mornings, I am able to do just that. I will sprawl across our bed with some reading, or my journal and Bible, or the laptop. Sometimes, I will start sermons here, or simply think or pray. I find that when I can spend time in this morning light, I am renewed by its hopefulness.

Most mornings, Max takes full advantage of this well-placed sunbeam which falls across S’s side of the bed. While I am nearby putting on makeup and blow-drying my hair, he will doze in the light.

And if I am quiet, I will hear him snore…

+   +   +

Peace be upon your day.



2 Responses to "A Piece of Sunday, 1 August 2010"

Love this, I’m fascinated by light too, especially morning and evening light. And Max is just adorable. 🙂

Thanks, Jo. That’s nice to hear from a fellow theologian and an actual photographer. 🙂

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