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A Piece of Saturday, 31 July 2010

Posted on: Saturday, 31 July 2010

Coffee mug

Saturday morning cup of coffee

Hello, I am a card-carrying introvert.

OK – I’ve said it. Now, how does this relate to coffee?

For most of my adult life, Saturday has been my day off. When I was in college, I would often travel to my parents’ home for the weekend, in order to take care of the ubiquitous pile of laundry and – oh, by the way – spend some time with them. On Saturday mornings, we would sip coffee and munch on homemade cinnamon buns while we watched home improvement or cooking shows on PBS (this was before the proliferation of those shows on cable channels). Each Saturday morning together was a morning of calm and relaxation before we each went off to do whatever we had lined up for the rest of the day.

After college, when I was a teacher, I guarded my Saturday mornings as my re-charge time. Early on in my post-college days, when I was still single, I would get up, make pancakes and a huge pot of coffee, and settle in to relax with the TV, computer, or a book for several hours, savoring that time as time which was my own.

Now that I am married, my Saturdays take a bit of a different shape, often dependent upon what the other member of my household is up to. Sometimes, negotiations take place as to who will go pick up donuts (or breakfast tacos or kolaches) for breakfast. Sometimes, one of us will cook for both of us or ourselves. One thing which has remained fairly consistent, though, is my Saturday morning cup of coffee.

I’ve been thinking lately about this ritual and its importance to me. I’ve decided that the Saturday morning cup of coffee is different than coffee on other mornings because on most Saturdays, even now, I have the time to slow down. I might have lots of things to do, but on most Saturdays, I allow myself to move a bit more slowly, at least at first. And it is this slower movement which allows me to live my life with a bit more intentionality.

Now, I’m not saying I’m fantastic at intentionality all the time. But – there is something beautiful to me about an on-going ritual – done alone or with others. Rituals are beautiful because they help us think about our lives a lot more. And as I slow down to savor my Saturday mornings, I remember my loved ones; I remember tasks which have been neglected; I remember other times in my life; I remember to pray; I remember to pay attention to my life.

And it is in all this remembering that somehow, life becomes richer and fuller, with less anxiety and more love. I don’t really know how that all is. But I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

Peace be upon your day.



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